Best LEGO Sets For Making Stop Motion

I created this list of LEGO sets to help you make the scenes faster and more realistic. These are the sets I also use for making my movies.

This short guide will be useful for beginners in making LEGO stop motion.


  1. LEGO Assembly Square
  2. LEGO Parisian Restaurant
  3. LEGO Pet Shop
  4. LEGO Grand Emporium


  1. LEGO Dirt Road Pursuit
  2. LEGO Jungle Explorers Jungle Halftrack Mission
  3. LEGO Fire Ladder Truck
  4. LEGO Town Cargo Terminal


  1. LEGO City Town People Pack – Fun at The Beach
  2. LEGO People Pack – Fun in the Park


  1. LEGO City Supplementary Straight & Crossroad Plates
  2. LEGO T-Junction & Curved Road Plates

Trains & Tracks

  1. LEGO High-speed Passenger Train
  2. LEGO Flexible Tracks
  3. LEGO Switch Tracks

Planes & Helicopters

  1. LEGO Airshow Jet
  2. LEGO Coast Guard Heavy-Duty Rescue Helicopter
  3. LEGO Fire Response Unit

Generally, it depends on what LEGO movie you want to make, and also the quality of your movie. This list can help you to find sets that may be used in your brick film. Lighting kits and pack of backgrounds are far more important to make a good LEGO stop motion movie.

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